Become Your True Divine Self

Become Your True Divine Self

Would you like to Experience incredible changes in yourself and your life? Would you like to wash away all the old ways of being. To heal your wounding.

If you are longing to become your true Divine self

If you would like to connect to the One greater light of source from which everything eminates and comes into existence.

To have greater love for self and others.  Live with a deep feeling of peace, safety, trust and more, in your life. Have so much more ease and joy.

Receive the healing that comes from the energy of mercy and compassion, especially towards ourselves. 

Clean the rust off of your heart with the Divine names of the One Highest Source-this is the medicine from God. The deepest and highest medicine of healing.  

Live with less anxiety and depression.

Gain the greater understanding and knowing of your life’s purpose.  

Deepen your ability to receive guidance.  

Evolve your soul and grow into Divinity- the reason we are here.

Would you like to understand the events of your life from a higher perspective.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then this  heart based form of meditation is for you. 

When you are in your heart, you are automatically no longer in your mind. You find your divine center , your spiritual heart.

This form of meditation is easy to learn. 

The Divine Return

If you would like a new beginning to your life in 2023, I invite you to learn how to reconnect into your true Divine self. Become the being of light and love that you are.

I have a strong sense that a lot of light will be descending from the higher realms to the earth in 2023. It feels like it is going to be a year of an energetic  spiritual awakening for many people.

We have come here to grow and evolve our souls.We were put here to serve and bring the light. 

The doorway to Awakening  and elevating your conciousness is open.

Join me to receive and discover the treasure in your heart.

To explore and receive more about this, please visit my other site to see the page “Doorway to the Light”.                (Unfortunately Google penalizes sites if there is duplicate content. Hope this does not cause you any inconvenience). 

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