Most insurance companies recognize the value and benefit of acupuncture and many are offering coverage for treatment. Benefits vary depending on your plan.

I am a participating provider in most of the major insurance networks:  Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Johns Hopkins EHP, Cigna, and Aetna. Flex spending and health savings accounts can be used.

I am a Preferred Provider in These Insurance Networks

Your flex spending or health savings account can be used

I am happy to verify your insurance coverage for you. If you would prefer to call yourself, the information that is necessary to find out is:

  • Is acupuncture is a covered benefit?
  • What is your co-pay or co-insurance?
  • Do you have a deductible. If so, how much has been met?
  • Do you need a referral? Do you need an authorization?
  • How many visits will they cover?
  • Is there coverage only for certain conditions?

If you have acupuncture benefits with your insurance company, they cover acupuncture if it is used for medical conditions/pain. They do not provide coverage for “stress” or relaxation.

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