About Sara Elijah M.Ac., M.Div.

About Sara

The main focus of my life is being with and experiencing the energy of the One Divine Source in every moment.  I am not perfect, but I do the best I can to always remember this in every moment.

I love bringing Divine energy into my acupuncture treatments and other services. This is the uniqueness that I bring to helping you. Bringing Divine energy into your treatments makes a big difference.

I love being a healer and helping others to have a better quality of life and feel like a new person on all levels-body, mind and spirit.

Seeing what is possible from receiving acupuncture and spiritual healing has been deeply rewarding and fuels my passion to help others.

I am blessed with being able to go deeper in getting to the source of what is really going on relatively quickly.

People find that their lives transform. 

I help others through acupuncture, spiritual energy healing, and meditation. I am also a spiritual guide for people, helping others see life in a different way, and bringing more conscious awareness to what is really going on.

Back in the 1990’s I read a lot about acupuncture. It made a lot of sense to me about how it worked. I resonated with the way it treats the whole person and the interconnection of everything. Working with the energy in the human body was something I resonated with Albert Einstein that everything is energy. Energy healing made a lot of sense to me. I tried acupuncture for myself during the stress of a divorce, and was blown away by the difference it made. 

I am originally from Baltimore and came to Frederick about 10 years ago. I enjoy nature, and being creative artistically. My favorite place is the vortexes of Sedona Arizona. 

My life is about helping people’s bodies and hearts to be healed and their spirits to be mended.

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