My Purpose

A healer is one who can bring people closer to a state of real health. I use my training in acupuncture and spirituality which use energy to heal.

I can help you at a deeper level than what traditional medicine offers, to ease your suffering and pain–whether it be physical or emotional.

I deeply care about people and desire for them to have a better quality of life.

My purpose in life is to also help people to know their own divinity; to discover and embody your real Divine nature. I offer people the knowledge and road map to finding the connection to feeling and actually experiencing the beauty and the love within themselves.  From a spiritual perspective, you could say, to know the Divine within ourselves and the Divine that is outside ourselves.

The level of healing I offer gives people the opportunity for deep, profound change. I feel so blessed by being placed on a path of knowing the Divine through direct experience.In addition to being a healer, I teach spiritual workshops to help our life have peace and loving relationships-with our self and others.

Acupuncture Experience
Spiritual Growth and Life's Purpose

After years of now doing my own inner work, I know that problems and conflicts do not have to break down and destroy relationships or happiness in our life. They are opportunities – gifts and lessons, that we can learn and grow from.

My Spiritual Training
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